Find a Darts Club in Christchurch

Look through this list to find a Darts Club near you. Ring the club or fill out the form at the very bottom of this page and send it.

Cashmere Club Darts Section
50 Colombo Street
Cashmere, Christchurch
Phone 03 332 0092
Cashmere Club Map
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Hornby Club Darts Section
17 Carmen Rd
Hornby, Christchurch
Phone 03 349 9026
Hornby Club Map
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Kaiapoi Club Darts Section
Raven Quay
Phone 03 327 7884
Kaiapoi Club Map
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New Brighton Club Darts Section
202 Marine Parade
New Brighton, Christchurch
Phone 03 388 8210
New Brighton Club Map
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Papanui Club Darts Section
310 Sawyers Arms Rd
Papanui, Christchurch
Phone 03 359 9586
Papanui Club Map
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Richmond Club Darts Section
75 London St
Richmond, Christchurch
Phone 03 389 5778
Richmond Club Map
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Templeton RSA Darts Section
38 Kirk Road
Templeton, Christchurch
Phone 03 349 4701
Templeton RSA Map
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Woolston Club Darts Section
43 Hargood St
Woolston, Christchurch
Phone 03 389 7039
Woolston Club Map
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Ashburton Club Darts Section
231 Burnett St
Phone 03 308 7149
Ashburton Club Map
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